February 24, 2023

On the 1st of March 2023, the EU will implementrelease 2 of ICS2. Release 2 covers general cargo, air express and post by air.Release 3 covering maritime, road and rail will not be implemented until March2024.


ICS2 is a customs pre-arrival security and safety programme.It will collect data on all goods entering or transiting the EU, Switzerland,and Norway prior to their arrival.


It is the responsibility of the carrier to submit pre-loadfiling, failure to comply will result in shipments being held at origin withthe operator subject to fines.


To file accordingly, we are required to submit informationto the airlines in the form of an FWB/FHL message. This is something we alreadydo on your behalf but under ICS2 some mandatory fields have been introduced.


FWB/FHL messages must contain the below.


Consignor EORI.

Consignee EORI.

6 digit Harmonised System (HS) code / UK commodity code.

Detailed and clear description of goods. Genericdescriptions such as gifts, samples, spare parts, equipment, clothes, andtextiles will be rejected.


To ensure we are compliantand to avoid delays please ensure the above information is provided on alldocumentation covering your shipments. As you will not always know the routethe cargo will take, we suggest adding the above mandatory information to allexport invoices.

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